Campus Initiatives

Nashville Waste Project

The Natural Resources Defense Council is developing local and national strategies to prevent, recover, and recycle wasted food all along the supply chain from farms to our tables.

Now, Belmont Dining Services plays a critical role in meeting America’s food waste challenge by being choosen as a pioneer to deploy LeanPath technologies. In 2015, NRDC selected Nashville as its pilot city for developing high-impact local policies and on-the-ground actions to address food waste. The Nashville Food Waste Initiative (NFWI) is developing strategies and practical tools to serve as models for cities around the country. NFWI will work closely with Belmont Dining to prevent food waste and reduce costs in foodservice environments through innovative waste tracking software.

Second Harvest Food Bank

We are privilaged to assist underserved individuals in the Nashville Metro Area. Every year in the Fall we host a month long canned food drive and make the donation to Second Harvest Food Bank. Last year we raised over 1,000 lbs of food! We're looking forward to exceeding this accomplishment this year!

Fryer Oil Recycling & Composting Program

Hundreds of Thousands of pounds of previously utilized cooking oils and solid food waste is recycled right here at Belmont thru state-of-the-art composting equipment in Harrington Place Dining. This prevents hazardous materials from winding up in landfills and local water sources exponetially reducing our enviromental foot print.