Experience Local At Harrington Place Dining

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Reusable To-go Boxes

The Ozzi to-go boxes were implemented in Spring of 2022 to promote a sustainable to-go option for students in the Dining Hall. Boxes can be obtained at the register, filled up in the dining hall, and taken to go. Boxes can be returned, and given a clean one upon return.

Microgreens Fridge

The microgreens fridge was installed Fall of 2022 to promote the growth of in-house microgreens, for garnishes to be used in the dining hall and catering events.

Food Insecurity On and Off Campus to Nashville Rescue Mission | Local Partnerships 

We are privileged to assist under-served individuals on campus and in the Nashville Metro Area. Food donations are taken down the street to Nashville Rescue Mission when the opportunity is available. Students facing food insecurity are able to apply for complimentary meal accommodations through the Office of Accessibility.

Our local partnerships with Fresh Point, Garden Creations, Chekee Farms, Bauman Orchards, Lobenstein Farm, Holthouse Farm, Crown Bakery, and Alfresco Pasta are extremely important to us. These partnerships help us support local farmers and highlight the endless benefits of eating produce from "Farm to Fork."

Fryer Oil Recycling & Composting Program 

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of previously utilized cooking oils and solid food waste is recycled right here at Belmont thru state-of-the-art composting equipment in Harrington Place Dining. This prevents hazardous materials from winding up in landfills and local water sources exponentially reducing our environmental foot print.